La Furia Umana
  • I’m not like evereybody else
    The Kinks
  • E che, sono forse al mondo per realizzare delle idee?
    Max Stirner
  • (No ideas but in things)
    W.C. Williams
T.D. / Editorial

T.D. / Editorial

LFU is 40!

This adventure has started in 2009. Meanwhile the web keeped on floating, there has been a multiplication of journals, blogs, etc., mainstream, radicals, cozy, friendly, that have become source of profits too.

LFU had changes and crisis (and malware attack too), someone left, someone is still standing in the middle of waves.

We still believe that criticism is not a mirror of what happens or a device handled by area specialists, and that moving-images, films, audio-visual are not a bubble separated, but they are situated in a network of agencies. And film and media criticism has always to do with a sort of “Kritik der politischen Ökonomie” of the audio-visual, especially in a “societé du spectacle” shaped by the “attention economy”. Criticism is a transformative practice.

I personally want to devote this issue n. 40 to everyone who has given a contribution to promote LFU. And I especially want to devote it to some friends of mine and of LFU, who have passed away: Peter Hutton, Andrea Tonacci, Ciro Giorgini, Alfondo Prada Allio, and Barbara Hammer, Robert Todd, Phil Solomon, Stephanie Serre, Michael Henry Wilson.

Toni D’Angela