La Furia Umana
  • I’m not like evereybody else
    The Kinks
  • E che, sono forse al mondo per realizzare delle idee?
    Max Stirner
  • (No ideas but in things)
    W.C. Williams
ALEXANDRA CUESTA / Transient Archaeologies 1

ALEXANDRA CUESTA / Transient Archaeologies 1

Japan, 2019, 120mm color and bw film

Part of Transient Archaeologies, 1-6 (2005-2022)

This ongoing analogue body of work derives from the various cities I have lived in, worked, travelled, and filmed. The series documents histories and systems made visible through architecture and space, often times utilizing public space as a ground for interaction, other times, turning the gaze towards the intimate and the familial. I am particularly interested in observing the physical layers of temporality within a city, a settlement, or in the progression from nature to urbanity, and uncovering the in-between and the liminal spaces which make up contemporary landscapes, thus bearing witness to its economy, social construction and history. The materiality of the medium becomes akin to the archaeological object, in this case, the photograph. This set of photographs were made in various cities within Japan in 2019.